About Afreen MediTour Consultancy

About Afreen MediTour Consultancy

Afreen MediTour is Consultancy a product of the collective effort of our team that is dedicated to providing personalised service to all our customers.

Afreen Medical Consultancy  is first well organized, approved, accredited, and certified Medical & Healthcare Consultancy Company with direct operations in more than 10 countries. Dedicated to provide the best medical solutions, high quality treatment services to domestic and international patients at most affordable price in the top-notch hospitals of India and overseas.

While considering the medical treatment facilities in South Asia region, the name of India mounts to the top as one of the best seats for healthcare.

AMC Services in healthcare treatments include but not limited to Cardiology, Oncology, Organ Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, and IVF.

AMC ensures that the Medical treatment is being done in the most modern way by the highly acclaimed medical professionals. We have experienced and cumulatively served more than 1200 patients visited India, we could bring smile on their faces because of multi-dimensional and comparatively low-cost healthcare benefits.

Why Us ?

  • You get an unseamed medical care services right from your first step towards us.
  • Complete assistance from the medical and travel professionals
  • AMT is associated with the world renowned medical organizations that are recognized by the NABH & Joint Commission International (JCI) of the USA, a counterpart of JCAHO outside US.
  • Highly cost effective medical care facilities when compared to US or UK; saving 30 % to 70 % cost that incurs in US or UK.
  • Personalized packages tailored to the requirements of the individual patients
  • Pre and post treatments arrangement of accommodation for the patients and family members
  • A dedicated team to offer round the clock support for handling all aspects of travel and medical treatment in India
  • Covering a wide range of therapeutic treatments
  • Treating the patients with humane feel

What we Offer ?

  • A dedicated team of professionals to attend every single query with utmost care and diligence.
  • Multiple options from wide array of hospital services to patients; gives freedom to evaluate options and chose the most suitable one.
  • As per the query of the patients, the corresponding responses from the doctor are sent to the clients along with the doctor’s CV and hospital profile.
  • Upon receiving request from patient we arrange for second opinion with globally renowned doctors and superb surgeons who have performed the most intricate surgeries.
  • Prior to departure Free Consultation and counselling with expert doctor through email, call & video conferencing. This ensures a complete transparency of the process and help in generating faith with confidence.
  • We assist in legal frame work i.e. Invitation letter, visa assistance to avail appropriate visa, air ticket reservation, airport assistance at home country, whereas FRRO and relevant assistance, local conveyance, airport pickup & drop off, lodging and boarding assistance, currency exchange, meals as per the taste in India or any other host country.
  • Language assistance through male & female interpreters (for female patients) or as per the requirement of patient.
  • Air Ambulance services.
  • Ensure Zero waiting time to avoid discomfort to the patient and companions.
  • Complete follow-ups with the doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres, laboratories, pharmacies during treatment. For better control we regularly visit the patient in the hospital.
  • Assist with patients & companions for local travel, leisure trips upon discharge.
  • During stay in India, we communicate with their doctors and relatives periodically via phone or email regarding patient’s medical progress
  • Arrange and assist for stay near the hospital/ treatment centre.
  • The return arrangements are being assisted.
  • With the consent of patients, records are being kept in our existing database to address post treatment queries, follow ups and reminders in regular intervals or on SOS basis,


What we stand for? Our Core Services.

Free Consultation

Consult with your doctors before travelling and understand the procedure, time required and all other related details.


We assist you with the visa services to ensure a hassle-free travel to India.

Interpreters and Translators

With professionals fluent in English, Arabic, French, Russian, etc., there are no language barriers between us.


We provide you easy currency exchange services so you’re never short on local currency.

Arrival, Departure and Transportation Assistance

Multiple options from wide array of hospital services to patients; gives freedom to evaluate options and chose the most suitable one.

Admission, Appointment, Pharma Care

From scheduling appointments to arranging for hospital admissions to buying pharmaceutical supplies, we do it all.



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Our Management Team


Cosmetic Surgeon

Stephanie Wosniack

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Contact Information

903, KM21, Jaypee Wishtown,
Sec 134, Noida Delhi NCR

e-Mail: Info@Afreenmeditour.com
Phone : +919811512486

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